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I can pay when I get home on June 8th. I like the fact that the manager came into the office an introduced herself. Mrs Mcleod took time a explained everything clearly.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms Brewer several times, and her professionalism goes above and beyond. Too often we write or call because of problems, but never to give a compliment. I’m here to tell you that Ms. Brewer is an asset to Bank of America, not only for her professionalism, but also because of her overall attitude. She listens and addresses your needs, and always with a smile. I need to cancel my appointment, but no one is picking up the phone at the branch.

I went to this bank to cash a check that was drawn on an account at this bank. I was told since I didn’t have an account, I would have to pay $8 to cash it and wait an hour for the check, which was less than $100 to be verified. The teller also informed me this was standard protocol at all branches. This didn’t make since to me so I called the branch in Olivette.

  • To tell the truth, I have never seen a well organized service in Bank of America!
  • I went in just now to cancel my lost debit card and when I told my situation to the teller he laughed at me.
  • Banking, credit card, automobile loans, mortgage and home equity products are provided by Bank of America, N.A.

Others only get a welcome smile.—looks good on camera. Way better than the el toro branch. You can click the Return to Bank of America button now to return to the previous page or you can use the Back button on your browser after you leave.

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He kept intrupting me while I was talking. I believe he was high while he was talking to me. I asked to speak with his manger and he said he is in charge!!! I want back to the teller and she revered me to the manager and he resolved my problem very quickly.

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I have never ever walked in to Bank of America in Schertz and be treated as rudely as I was today. If an elderly had come in to do the same thing it makes me wonder just how she would treat them. It disgusted me how she treated me. I will never speak or ask for help from her again. These reviews are embarrassing but my experience was similar.


What’s the point of having a bank if its never convenient for me to use. I simply tried making a deposit into my daughters account. I needed ID to put cash into her account. Unreal, planning to take every coin I have OUT of this bank.

banco américa cerca de mí

A crowd of customers are patiently waiting on a huge line for service. The two tellers were really nice, however. To that branch and it took about 8 mins to cash my little check. St. Louis is trying to railroad people into opening an account at this bank which historically has preyed on those in African American communities.

I am writing to ask the name of the manager at the Bank of America branch in Brighton Michigan. A wonderful employee named Ursala went above and beyond to assist me last summer. I have had four surgeries over the summer. Ursala was kind enough to come out to the car to check me and my ID to complete a transaction that normally clients must come in to the bank to complete. I was ever so grateful to her as walking following my surgeries caused me great distress. I would like to send a letter to the manager regarding my appreciation of her assistance.

I have an with your bank and i am trying to make a deposit thru my local bank here in the philippines. Before i can make a telgraphic transfer which i often do. The bank requires a swift code so they can wire the money. Can you please email to me the swift code ? Without warning, my account was closed – virtually eliminating my ability to pay local businesses or to fun many charities. This is not the only branch of Bank of America that is not organized and poorly managed.

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We also emptied the contents of the safe deposit box and closed it. Always slow is paxful legit and difficult to work with. I have been with BOA for more than twenty years.

banco américa cerca de mí

I do most of my business with other banks. Suntrust has much better customer service. B of A failed miserably in its closing of the Georgetown bank. I was told a few times that there would be an ATM close by .

I do my banking at 5pm, and in most cases there is only ONE teller servicing both the lobby AND the drive-up window. At first, I thought it was a temporary staffing problem but now it’s obvious that it’s a permanent situation. I will consider changing banks – both personal and business. I have bank with Bank of America for several years and it has been great. Since I have moved to Desoto I have chosen that banking center for my transactions. I have been doing business with Bank of America for over 20 years.

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I feel bad for them having to deal with a branch manager, Kimberely Hilderbrand, who’s so disrespectful and highly unprofessional and perhaps stressed out! The manager chewed this teller out right in front of me because she wasn’t meeting her goal. She told the teller her job was on the line and maybe this is not the job for her. The branch manager walked away and another teller stopped her to ask a question, she told her to consult the handbook… Never made eye contact with the teller. The employees are victims of unfair treatment in the workplace in the form of bullying, racial differentiation and even pure harassment.

I’ll be back only in December 2017. As a customer, I didn’t feel I was welcomed, especially when you were taking out money. I am interested in knowing and getting the permanent address of this bank. Really wish you would Military Boot Camp Schedules at a Glance consider opening the drive-thru, at least a couple day a week. As a mother, I’m angry & anxiety, I hope your bank open his account again as soon as possible. I like to have some business conversations with your bank .

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Always have an outstanding experience when i visit the homosassa branch. Conversion of payment to me notification bank of America . My bother ‘s Cheque of BoA for $800 was not cashed. Manager on duty said deposit in ATM — I said I need cash now.

I want verification my notification of bank of America conversion of payment , and conversion charges is about 2,50,000 India rupees where is paid and check reality . How about checking out how related everyone is to enter money from McGowan. I was running late n bank would close at 5 n it was 4,40 already— so I had to go to this branch. I have stopped going to this branch of BoA even though I live v close n have been a customer of BoA for 12 years now. Also, if you opt out of online behavioral advertising, you may still see ads when you sign in to your account, for example through Online Banking or MyMerrill. These ads are based on your specific account relationships with us.

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Bank of America you have gone way down! Elderly people DO NOT want to do all their banking on their own NOR do they want to stand outside at a ATM making deposits and so on. Seriously, speaking of the Lorton, VA Branch 8994 Lorton Station Blvd.

Be prepared to wait even if you’re the only customer in the place or in drive thru. The gentleman that offered to help ,Manager questrade forex ? Said that I cannot have access to my safe deposit box since I owe money. There is basically no customer service…

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